One of the most common questions I get asked which cryptocurrencies are likely to survive the next 10 years. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano are at the top of that list. Both projects are looking to power the future of finance with their smart contract-compatible blockchains. …


Scaling and interoperability, two buzzwords that are bandied about the way to frequently in the crypto space. Liberally peppered into in every second white paper together with “Ethereum Killer”, and community governance. So then forgive me if I’m a little skeptical when a project touts this as their main mo…


Cashbacks are too common in recent credit or debit cards to get new memberships by providing advantages.

Today, I will not talk about credit/debit card cashbacks but similar rewards via App.

On App, there are too many international and local brands, including Nike, Apple, GAP, that participate and…


Is Web3 nothing but a marketing ploy, or is it the future of the internet? Is it controlled by VCs, or could it one day enrich every single one of us? What the heck is Web3 anyway? In this post, I’m going to answer all of that, and more, it’s…


Crypto markets are flat but not flatlining.

  • Mike Tyson is a born-again Solana supporter, while he knocks out mental health through crypto.
  • Apple puts its foot down on the Metaverse, while the Sandbox brings in new hype.
  • Near Protocol is ready for a huge DeFi push.
  • GamesPad launches its first…


Polkadot PLOs are here, and they could prove to be an absolute gold mine. But, how do you find that gold? Which projects on Polkadot has the most potential?

That’s exactly what I’ll be answering today. I’ll be taking you through five of the most interesting parachain projects and covering…

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